Why use Tomato Powder?




It is very easy to use because it is an instant-ready product for cooking; you do not have to wash it, peel it, crush it, screen it…

You save money and wastage. You use all the tomato you are buying.


Its volume is much lower compared to fresh tomatoes: 1 kg of tomato powder equals approximately to 20 kg of fresh tomatoes. 1 kg of fresh tomatoes equals approximately to 50 g of tomato powder.


We have the size and kind of packaging to meet your needs, maximum hygiene and ease for storage, reducing storage costs.

If you use tomato powder you will not even worry about the expiry date; it is so tasty and it has so many possibilities of application, that you will run out of it very quickly; but if you are traveling, it will wait for at least two years until your return.


Freshness and intense flavor of fresh tomatoes available in your kitchen throughout the year.


Cooling it for storage is not needed. After opening, it is important to keep it closed in a dry and fresh place, to prevent caking. Although it does not get rotten and you can use it, but it could get clumped.


Great versatility: use your imagination to create nutritive recipes and decorate your dishes as delicious sauces and juices; give color to your pasta and meats; excellent soups and creams. You can make your own ketchup and pizza topings; seasoning and intensify the flavor of soups, vegetables and salads; add it onto your baked vegetables, prepare a different cocktail and above all, don´t forget to make a wonderful gazpacho or salmorejo in one minute!

Rehydrate the precise amount, no more no less, giving you a great flexibility in your kitchen.


It is a very nutritious and low calorie product. It is also a great source of potassium and lycopene, and it can be used in most special diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, slimming, sow salt…)


It is very healthy due to its content in vitamins and minerals.


It is a source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant to which are attributed benefits in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, some kind of cancers and aging.


It helps to recover after heavy physical exercise because of high potassium content, even more than a banana. It is a very good choice for all kind of people, including athletes, children and people who are developing great physical and intellectual activity, but also for other stages of life in which its needed the high nutritional values, the vitamins and minerals that tomato powder provides.


Finally, for a very low Price, you are getting More Tomatoe in less volume.