How to use it




Dry use: add directly tomato powder into your vegetable stews, soups, breaded, seasoned, seasoning, coloring, pastas, breads, snacks, and cookies. Give a different touch to your salads, vegetables, meat and fish!


Rehydrated use (recommended): Add one glass of water (250 ml) into a saucepan for heating. When it starts to boil, add a couple of tablespoon of tomato powder (20 g) and stir with a whisk about 1 minute. Use this puree as a base for a soup, juice, gazpacho, fries, pizza base, spread it on toasts, cocktails, sauces, creams, kétchup…


Quick rehydration: heat half glass of water in a microwave oven until it starts boiling and add 1 tablespoon of tomato powder. Stir until disolved. Tomato puree is ready for using!