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10 20 g. packages

11,40 (IVA incluido)

Powder tomato packaged in 10 packets of 20g each, of alimentary metalized polyethylene.

Offer: 10 packets of 20 grams for just 6,95 €

Benefit from this offer and try our dehydrated tomato.

Directions to use it

How to use it

Add it directly to your legume stews, casseroles, soups, breadings, seasonings, dressings, colourings, pastas, breads, snacks, cookies.

A different touch for your salads, vegetable dishes, meat and fish!

Warm up a glass of water (250 ml) in a pan. When it reaches its boiling point, add a couple soup spoons of powder tomato (approximately 20 grams) and stir it for a minute.

Use this tomato mash as a base for soup, juice, gazpacho, sofrito, pizza base, for toast, cocktails, sauces, creams, ketchups.

Fast rehydration: Warm up half a glass of water in the microwave (125ml) until it reaches its boiling point, take it out carefully and add a soup spoon of powder tomato.

Stir until it is dissolved.

How to use it - Directions to use it

Directions to use it

Table of equivalences

Display format of the dehydrated product

Packet 20 g.

Gourmet jar 160 g.

Jar 500 g.

Jar 1 kg.

Jar 3,5 kg.

Rehydrated tomato mash litres obtained

0,25 l.

2 l.

6 l.

12 l.

44 l.

Equivalent fresh tomato you would have to buy, clean and process

0,40 kg.

3,2 kg.

10 kg.

20 kg.

70 kg.